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The Silver Thread – Iron Bird Dharma; Dharma for the New Era

Select List of Iron Bird Discussion Topics

The Silver Thread – Iron Bird Dharma; Dharma for the New Era

There’s a silver thread, literal or figurative, that ties together all the paths in all the worlds. Not unlike Zen’s Searching for the Ox, we search high and low for commonality, for clarity, and for understanding in the many events our complex lives. Over time, and with increasing awareness, we see that everything becomes a possible source of guidance, leading us closer to the inner wisdom which was there all along. With that, the countless innumerable paths dissolve into the pathless path, the empty mirror of Self.

Select Sample Discussion Topics

o It’s All Energy and Vibration, Resonance and Alignment, Dharma and Truth

o Rules within the Matrix (essence of karma)

o Antidotes to External and Internal Obstacles (The Paramitas)

o Countering Current Base Human Consciousness; Overcoming Gravity

o Your True Nature; The Ground, Path, and Fruition – Hope against the Onslaught

o Life as Kobayashi Maru: The Soul’s Journey

o Tools to Wield the Energy of Transformation – Practical Mysticism

o Tantrayana and the Reconciliation of Opposites - Balance

o Mysticism and/or Buddhism – Floor Wax or Dessert Topping?

o Duality and Manifestation vs. Dissolution and Unity

o From Aries to Pisces to Aquarius – Towards a Distributed Model for the Current Era

o Consciously Challenging Evolution

o Engineering Personal Change

o Shifting Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness

o Fear vs. Stress; Fight vs. Flight vs. Alternatives

o The Tyranny of the Binary – The 3rd Way or Middle Path

o Koyaanisqatsi – Life out of Balance; Remedies Towards Balance

o Countering Overstimulation: Vagal Toning, Healing Frequencies

o Kundalini, Prana, and The Force

o Fluidity – The Dance of Constant Change

o Baggage and more Baggage; Woundedness and Healing

o Caretakers, Self-Image and Ego

o Loosening / Shifting the Static Self

o Empowering the self; Dismantling the self

o Subject / Object, The You vs. The Not You

o Joe vs. The Volcano; You vs. The Immensity

o Shifting the Self-Centric Paradigm – Bodhicitta

o Morality: A Moral Dilemma

o Losing Victimization, Victimhood

o Empowerment: Techniques to gain Advantage

o Copping A Light Buzz: Joy in the face of it all

o Radical Freedom in a Time of Collective Madness

o Upheaval: The Perfect Time for Powerful Growth

o Loosening the Bands of Awareness

o Theta Meditation / Gazing / The Non-Doing of Daydreaming

o Beyond the Veil / Behind the Matrix

o Principles of Dzogchen

o Primordial Mind / The Nature of Mind / Rigpa / Buddha Nature

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