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Social Media

Coming Soon...

  • Free Public Podcasts

  • Facebook Group

  • YouTube Channel

  • stay tuned for more!

Private Group Podcasts
  • Podcasts are published multiple times per month

  • Deeper dive into public and community requested topics

  • All access for $28 per month

* By invitation and/or upon approval

1 on 1 Sessions

Free Introductory 20 minute private call or Zoom (let's see if it feels right)

Phone or Zoom sessions:
  - 20 minutes: $60
  - 40 minutes: $108
  - 60 minutes: $150

* Suggest something else that works for you - I'm here to be of service.

Executive and Business Coaching
  • Deconstructing obstacles and issues

  • Reframing goals, efforts, and approaches

  • Energy Analysis - blockages, losses, potential for gain

  • Integration of Energy Practices with company needs

  • Practices for Clarity, Insight, Empowerment

  • Costs TBD based on mutual agreement: hourly, per diem, other financial arrangements

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