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Walter Goodwin is a serial entrepreneur and software executive, who worked primarily in the enterprise systems management market focused on predictive analytics. His career path has taken him from Silicon Valley to Wall St., and a few places in between and beyond, for well over 30 years. During this time, he has successfully applied practical lessons derived from an even longer tenure with meditation, and various forms of Tibetan Buddhist practice and Western Mysticism. While largely focused on his business enterprises, he still made time to attend innumerable retreats, seminars, and intimate private teachings, make pilgrimages to sacred power spots around the globe, travel the world helping to parse and clarify his teacher’s English in teachings and seminars, and serve on multiple non-profit boards and advisory committees. His teachers asked him to share what he had learned and integrated into his western lifestyle; having done that on and off informally for more than twenty years, he’s now pulling together a lifetime of exposure to more formally explore these timeless insights – preferably over (socially distanced) good Mexican food.

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