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Sample Practices
Tier One: The Foundation – Empowering the Self
  • Setting Intent

  • Focused Meditation Techniques

  • Increasing Energy

  • Storing Personal Power

  • Raising Vibration and Energetic Frequency

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Energy Diffusion and Drain

  • Recapitulation and Inversion

Tier Two: Shifting Focus Outward – Away from the Self
  • Bodhicitta Motivation

  • The Six Antidotes to Your Old Self

  • Peeling Away to Essence: You vs. Your Experience

  • Hacking the Matrix: You vs. Your Perceptions

Tier Three: Reframing the Self
  • Visualizations

  • Building Energetic Bridges

  • Multidimensional Assistance

  • Higher Vibrational Practices

Tier Four: Beyond the Limited Self
  • Gazing

  • Theta Wave Meditation

  • Techniques

  • Non-Doing Meditations

  • The Great Perfection

  • Collapsing Time and Space; Unity

  • Being

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