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Radios – and the Multiverse

Radios – and the Multiverse

“Wolf! Right here and now!”

- Stephen King / Peter Straub, The Talisman

OK, some little factoids first:

Humans can only see wavelengths of light between about 400nm (violet) and 800nm (red). Beyond that is ultraviolet on the smaller nanometer end of the spectrum, and infrared on the higher. Farther on the shorter nm end are x-rays and gamma rays, and on the longer nm end are microwaves and radio waves. So, there are certain frequencies that our eyes are capable of parsing, but of course it’s a small fraction of what’s out there.

Likewise for our range of hearing within the larger frequencies of sound. This from Wikipedia: “Sound that is perceptible by humans has frequencies from about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. In air at standard temperature and pressure, the corresponding wavelengths of sound waves range from 17 m (56 ft) to 17 mm (0.67 in).” And again, there’s a lot out there that we humans can’t hear. We can’t hear the higher frequency sounds that dogs can, and we can’t hear the lower frequency sounds that elephants make.

The way our senses developed, or currently exist in any case, have inherent limits which other animals, or machines which humans have invented, are capable of registering.

And yet we think that we see and hear “reality”. At the very best, our senses give us the ability to perceive an extremely narrow bandwidth of what’s out there to be perceived. According to scientists there are some very good reasons for that, but nevertheless we all know we can’t perceive x-rays or gamma rays or microwaves, even if we know they exist. There’s a big universe out there beyond our sensory perceptions.

So even though we’re not conscious of it constantly, we would all accept the fact that there are simply certain frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum that we can’t and don’t experience. That’s an important sidebar note.

Another sidebar note: even the Earth has a frequency: 7.83 Hz – the Schumann resonance, fyi.

But the main point here is that the difference between blue and red, is frequency. And the difference between low notes and high notes on a musical scale is also frequency. Even the difference between frequencies we perceive with our eyes and other frequencies we perceive with our ears – is frequency.

All these differences are merely a function of varying frequencies, and our ability to perceive those variations. We see and hear those differences, and even beyond that, we know that there are things out there that we are not capable of perceiving. This is not exactly news, so, onward.

At the moment, I am sitting looking out the window at an amazingly beautiful sunny day, with the purest of blue skies. I just heard a dog barking briefly, and a small airplane just hummed away into the distance. It’s otherwise quiet, except for a slight humming from a ceiling fan I turned on a bit ago.

But now I kinda feel like listening to a little background music. And I think I’m gonna go old school and just turn on one of my local stations that I listen to occasionally. So I turn on the radio, and it starts playing on the station it was playing when I turned it off. It so happens that they’re playing an hour of an artist that I’m not all that into, so I hit the dial. Now I’m on a station that plays mostly soft rock. OK, too much soft and not enough rock, for today anyway. I dial around a bit and finally land somewhere that’s got just the right vibes (pun intended?) for me for today.

We’ve all done this countless times, in some form or another – listening, streaming, whatever.

But this is what intrigues me, as I look out the window again.

Without getting into the actual tech of radio transmitters and receivers, I wonder to myself, “Where are those radio waves? And how does this all work?” It’s not magic… (or is it??)

It occurs to me that those radio waves are literally everywhere around me, all the time. The potential to hear a particular radio station exists in any given moment. I just need a receiver tuned to that particular frequency. And precisely at this exact time, the potential to hear any other radio station here in the vicinity exists as well.

The potential to connect with any of these specific stations exists constantly. It’s just a matter of tuning to a specific frequency. But the broadcasts of all the stations are all there concurrently, even if also just outside the bands of my own perceptions. I don’t experience or perceive that, because of the limited range of my own senses, but all of that is going on.

It’s all going on simultaneously, concurrently, and without specific signals and waves necessarily colliding or otherwise impacting each other. Each radio station does its own thing, and broadcasts its own program. Any one given station does not affect the others, has its own frequency, exists in its own little unique world, unaware that other stations even exist, and is content with its own reality.

It is really not a stretch to grasp all this in the current high tech world we live in.

But let’s take it a step further.

What if the universe (not unlike the Earth itself), and all its component parts, resonated within a specific bandwidth of frequencies?

What if the (our) universe had a limited bandwidth of frequency - just like the visible spectrum of light is a small bandwidth within a much larger electromagnetic spectrum? We know that many frequencies of light (infrared, ultraviolet, others) exist beyond the visible spectrum. And of course we also know that there are radio waves surrounding us at all times, though we don’t perceive them and have to use devices to tune into specific frequencies of them. But they are all always there – at varying frequencies.

Now… what if the multiverse worked fundamentally the same way?

What if our universe was a particular bandwidth of perception (like the specific bandwidth of visible light) within a much, much broader vibrational spectrum of frequencies? It makes sense actually – it’s just an extension of what we already know to be true about other frequencies already.

All the radio stations, broadcasting at their own frequencies, are already there broadcasting concurrently. We just need the right device to tune into them as they are being broadcast. And hypothetically, we could hear what dogs hear, if our ears allowed that, and we could see infrared and ultraviolet, if our eyes did a well.

So, why not imagine perceiving beyond the bandwidth of this universe, if this universe itself is also a function of frequency?

What if we were capable of perceiving beyond these limited frequencies? Hypothetically, we could perceive into other frequencies, within other universes, all within the overarching multiverse. Or less hypothetically, by applying the practices given to us by the sages and mystics over the ages who did exactly this, we could actually become conscious of the realities which exist within these other bandwidths of frequencies. Those other frequencies exist concurrently to the ones we are aware of and perceive already, within the bandwidth we call our existence.

Where are the radio waves? Everywhere around us.

When are they available? Always and constantly.

What does it take to select one and experience it? Adjusting the frequency we are monitoring.

Where are the other universes in the multiverse? Everywhere around us.

When are they available? Always and constantly.

What does it take to select one and experience it? Adjusting the frequency we are monitoring.

This is what the mystics have always done. They shifted their own frequencies, heightened their own awareness, and walked through the Doors of Perception.

Adjust the dial, shift your awareness, and with that you perceive all of existence, all of which is already there, manifesting at various different frequencies.

Where are all the multi-dimensional planes of awareness? Right here, right now.

Where then is heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Right here, right now.


Dialing the Radio – Piercing the Veil

Two beams of light cross paths

Without interference

One with the other

Countless electromagnetic waveforms

Exist concurrently

Occupying the same time-space

Each available

Ready to be surfaced

Plucked out from the undifferentiated


Simply through focus and


Choosing a specific frequency

It turns out that

Among the myriad worlds of existence


Occupying the same space


Existing concurrently

There is really only one singular veil

And it is me

“Knockin On Heaven’s Door” – Bob Dylan

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