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The Ironbird Model


Overview, From Fifty Thousand Feet

All of life is energy. It's that simple.
And so all the myriad manifestations of existence, all the colors, the sounds, the sentience, all matter, all the wavelengths and frequencies of form and formlessness, all the varied flavors of existence are all various points along an energy spectrum, and are all arising out of an underlying unity or singularity of consciousness.
Everything, every thing, is simply a specific frequency, or wavelength, or vibration of a cosmic guitar string. Colors distinguish themselves from each other solely by frequency, as do sounds or notes on a musical scale, as do sights and sounds from each other, as do helpful or harmful radiant energies.
It's all energy on that cosmic string or scale. Some of that energy is matter; much of it is not. Some of that energy is visible or audible; most of it is not, and that which is, is actually perceived by virtue of our limited and focused senses.
The differences in colors, or sounds, or anything manifest is quantitative though, not qualitative. All of existence is the manifest vibrations of the same silver string; all of existence lies along the cosmic spectrum of frequency and energy, and so all possibilities lie there as well – all of it manifestation of that which lies beneath and sustains it all.
All of life is energy. So, to understand life is to understand energy. And to manage life then is to simply manage and align energies, and to enhance or raise the frequency of our own individual vibrations.


Premise and Principles

All manifestation, across the multiverse, is a function of frequency of vibration. These frequencies, or energies, exist along an energy spectrum, and can be manipulated on that spectrum.
Along this energetic spectrum of life, we can move from lesser to greater or higher energies, and to more optimal positions of benefit. We can move from the many apparent disharmonies of our lives to lives of increased harmony and greater alignment and ultimately to greater energy and empowerment.
The Buddha talked about the Truth of Suffering, and the Way Out. But I think in our limited awareness we have oversimplified it to be about Suffering, when actually it is about the Truth of Discordance and Enervation, and the Way Out is the Way to Harmony, Alignment, and Energizing our lives.
All practice in consciousness, regardless of orientation, is intended to increase harmony in our individual awareness and alignment with the cosmic and divine chords, as well as to simply increase our vibratory frequency itself. We can look at this energy spectrum through various lenses, any and all of which though reflect back to us our position relative to the waveforms which are existence itself.
We can consciously increase and refine our energy, as well as our alignment and harmony with the larger frequencies and vibratory pattens of life, using simple practices. These practices shift our awareness to new positions on the cosmic scale, and with that comes a greater sense of happiness, completion, and connection with all of existence.
Ultimately, beyond vibrations and frequencies, there is the underlying unity of existence. This unity goes by many names. For now, let’s just call it our essence, since regardless of individual vibration, all things (including us) spring forth from this singularity.
And because fundamentally we are this very essence, we can reach the conscious awareness of it.



We do this via various practices that all have a common approach: one which increases our energy and stores personal power, releases a fixed and rigid sense of self, promotes a more fluid self-definition, and ultimately shows us how to experience ourselves more as this underlying unity of consciousness.
The process is simple, iterative, and as endless as existence itself.
We start wherever we are, in whatever states of awareness we find ourselves in. From there we engage in activities which increase our energy and mitigate our energy loss. From another perspective, we also work to let go of restricting limitations and rigid self-definition.
All of this leads us to places of increased energy and fluidity of awareness. That in turn leads us to deeper energies, which it turns out have always been there, and are inherently ours to experience. In fact, those energies awaken us to an understanding that they are us as well; they are new ways to experience our very own selves.
We move towards higher energies. We move from a rigid and static view of ourselves to a more fluid encompassing view. We move from one end of the spectrum which is a position of separateness, individuality, and multiplicity to the other end, where unity, wholeness, fluidity, and singularity lie.
Just as all existence itself manifests along the spectrum of vibratory frequency, our own experience and perceptions exist at points on the spectrum of awareness. We engage in a conscious process in order to shift our perceptions.
The process then is one which moves us from solidity and rigidity, and all the implied limitations there, to spaces of greater loosening, fluidity, and higher awareness. We move from grasping to letting go, from being drained to being empowered, from building walls to walking through them, from being stuck to being free, from duality and separateness to unity and singularity. We move from our limited selves to a growing sense of our inherent limitlessness.
Rinse, and repeat. It’s the Circle Game.
Here are the four main categories which I think these practices can be grouped into and which this overarching process is comprised of. We need to engage in them all, iteratively, cycling upward in our consciousness and frequency of vibration. Each of them compliments and builds on the others, and collectively provide the balance we need to shift our perceptions, our broader awareness, and ultimately, our entire beings. There’s considerable overlap in practices though, and to a large degree they blend one into the other. But structure is a good thing, so with that in mind…


Main Categories

Reframing – Letting Go – Focused Deconstruction
This has both an historical and an ongoing current component. What events in our lives have created and still hold in place the mirrored walls of our own self-reflection? How much of that is us, and how much of that is what happened to us? Can we start to entice the 4-D puzzle pieces apart?
Energizing – Storing Power – Raising Vibration and Frequency
We’re all somewhat well versed in the things that drain and exhaust us – the big ones anyway. But do we really understand where we fritter away and dissipate most of our energy? And on the flip side of all that, do we know how to stem the tide of that loss, and even to counter that and actually engage in practices which generate energy, or connect to available energy sources in order to raise our energy levels and resonant frequencies? Life itself is the constant training ground and provides abundant opportunities for us to empower ourselves – but first we have to recognize them as such.
Mind Training – Collapsing Space – Focused Meditations
The longer process of becoming more objective requires strengthening our mind and our ability to focus. How do we become more dispassionate observers of our own selves? How do we become objective observers of the universe within us? How can we overcome the distractions of our thoughts and the persistence of our historical narrative? We come to see how we can generate the power, will, and focus to overcome a solid and static view of ourselves, which so much in our lives conspires to retain and persist.
Being – Non-Doing – Non-focused Meditations
Much easier said than done (or, not-done, as the case may be)! Can we move beyond focused meditation (already a good start) to an experience of release, effortlessness, fluidity, openness, receptivity, and simple beingness? There is a natural state that we can learn to slip into more readily, once we see it is already there to be experienced. We can learn how to release into our essential nature.
Bonus Round: Spiritual Alchemy – Gaming The System
All this talk about static selves and rigid walls, about self-reflection and focused minds, about meditation techniques and now also non-meditation techniques, yikes… it sounds like a lot of work. So… is there some kind of way to cheat? Well, no, we all have to do all the work. But are there things you can do which knock down walls, loosen rigid positions, and promote personal growth, higher frequencies of vibration, and more heightened awareness? Yes. Yes there are. And you do them all the time. It’s more a question of doing them with more directed intent.



Reframing Practices

  • Setting Intent

  • Recapitulation

  • Inversion

  • Peeling Away to Essence: You vs. Your Experience

  • Hacking the Matrix: You vs. Your Perceptions

  • Objectifying Conventional Reality

  • The Six Antidotes to Retaining Your Old Self

  • The Spectrum(s) of Perception

  • Practices for Transformation

Energizing – Storing Power – Raising Vibration and Frequency

  • Energy Diffusion and Drain

  • Increasing Energy

  • Storing Personal Power

  • Raising Vibration and Energetic Frequency

Focused Meditations and Mind Training

  • Setting Intent; Motivation

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Visualizations

  • Mindfulness Practices

Non-Doing and Natural States

  • Gazing

  • Theta Wave Meditation Techniques

  • Non-Doing Meditations

  • The Great Perfection

  • Being


Spiritual Alchemy

  • Multidimensional Assistance

  • Building Energetic Bridges

  • Higher Vibrational Practices

  • Collapsing Time and Space; Unity

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